Rent a boat Croatia this summer

Located between Eastern and Western Europe, Croatia is a mixture of art, culture, with a wealthy history dating back to the 7th century. It is of untouched beauty, beautiful landscapes and one of the most amazing coastlines, scenic cities, blue sea, islands and coves of dreams...

Best rental services

Samboat is constantly working to improve and enrich its services, and adapt to the modern needs and desires of the nautical customers during this summer. Many nautical tourism ports have enriched their services: from the quality of traditional high cuisine, water and electricity, health care clinics, services of the charter company, to the use of apartments , and electronic surveillance and security services to protect the property and equipment of customers. Adriatic Croatian International Club, better known among the Boaters as the ACI Club, is the leading nautical tourism company in Croatia, representing a unique chain of 21 quays stretching from Dubrovnik in the south of Umag in the north from the Adriatic Sea.

Much to make you stay

Modernly equipped Croatian marinas can receive the usual reception service during summer in addition to technical services at affordable rates. Restaurants, snack bars, shops, Laundromats and other facilities have also been added to make guests a more pleasant stay. There are more than 140 charter companies, with a capacity of 2,700 comfortably and modernly equipped, ships operating in Croatia today.

Rental without Crew

Bareboat charter in Croatia makes it simple with local destination tips. Book your seat in a port or table for lunch at a restaurant, get more local data from your skipper, or relax entirely and take care of yourself, let the professional team take care of everything. In addition, ship rentals in Croatia may also include crew members. rent a boat croatiaand enjoy holidays at sea with family, couples or friends. Samboat, proposes you to rent a boat in Croatia with or without skipper. Rent the ship that best that fits your style and enjoy a nautical journey to Croatia!


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