it is better to choose high-end accommodation! Fortunately, the city of Biarritz has no shortage of 4 and 5 star accommodation.

The Beaumanoir

The benchmark for high-end accommodation is of course the "Beaumanoir Small Luxury". This is a 5 star hotel in a neo-baroque style mansion. At this hotel, you can enjoy a swimming pool, jacuzzi, room service and most of all ... free Rolls-Royce transfers. This is without doubt the most luxurious accommodation you can find in Biarritz. Be careful with the wallet, however, a night in this dream hotel can cost several hundred euros in high season.

Brindos Castle

This 5 star hotel is just as qualitative as the previous one! The Brindos Castle has the advantage of being just a few steps from the airport (1.5km) and is therefore accessible on foot! It is ideal for business travelers.

This Château is located on the heights of Biarritz and has an ideal setting for you to rest after a long day of discovery or work. For example, you can stroll in its park, sit in front of the pond or simply have a bite to eat in the hotel restaurant. In the middle of winter, why not sit in front of its magnificent fireplace and meet other guests?

How to find a seasonal rental in Biarritz?

In general, to find a Biarritz rental property you have a reference site: Barnes Immobilier! This is the site of a prestigious real estate agency. You will only find high-end goods there. Barnes is the benchmark for the rental and sale of prestigious properties.

If you also want to find low-cost hotels on an ad hoc basis, do not hesitate to go to the "Last Minute" site, you will have several hundred low-cost hotel rooms in the city of Biarritz.


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